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San Luis Obispo County recognized that resource families can be confused as to who they should contact with all with their questions, and are frustrated when they don’t receive a timely reply. In response to this need, we created the Foster Support Unit in October 2015. This unit is designed to provide an additional level of support for resource parents and to relieve some burden from staff by being able to take care of resource parent requests for information, general questions, and requests for referrals for certain items.

FSU Goals Include:
Enhanced retention and support of resource families
Improved placement stability
Streamlined access to needed supports
Enhanced collaboration and relationship with resources families
Supporting the workload of our social workers and probation officers

FSU provides many services including:


Follow up phone calls within 48 business hours of a child being placed in resource family home.
  • Initial call made within 48 business hours of a new placement, and then again one week later to follow up with any needed supports.
Information covered in the calls include:

  • Medi-Cal card
  • Medical information (necessary medical appointments)
  • Educational resources
    • Free tutoring – available to all children in our care
    • Local school district Foster Youth Liaison contact info
  • Clothing
  • Beds/bedding
  • Car seats
  • WIC
  • Mentor
  • Respite Resources
  • Extracurricular activity funding
  • In Home Parenting Education Support
  • In Home Behavioral Support Services
In addition to the direct service needs, the calls also include a general discussion about how the child is doing, and how the resource family is feeling.
Information about the call and any services provided as part of the call is provided to the social worker.


The Foster Support Unit has become a mainstay of our support for both resource families and staff. Families describe feeling supported by contact with the Foster Support Unit and have expressed particular appreciation for the additional supports in serving our most vulnerable children.

We thank you for your support and care of our communities most vulnerable children and families. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

The Foster Support Unit can be reached at 805- 781-1917.


If you would like to obtain more information or participate in opportunities to strengthen our support of children and families, please consider joining our Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) Committee. For more information visit, visit this page on our website: Quality Parenting Initiative


Thank you for taking the first step to serving our county’s children and youth in care by visiting our website!

Our Resource Family Recruitment team is available to answer questions and provide information & support.

With your help, every child in foster care will be cared for by a safe, stable, and caring family in our community.

Please feel free contact us at:



In Person: 3433 South Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (Department of Social Services, main office)

By Mail: Attn: Resource Family Recruitment, PO Box 8119, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8119

You will find a list of our six Department of Social Services locations, telephone numbers and office hours here.

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