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Our vision is to be part of creating a responsible and caring community: Safe, Resilient, and Healthy. We can only reach that vision through collaboration.




We partner with the community to enhance self-sufficiency while ensuring that safety and basic human needs are met for the people of San Luis Obispo County.




  • We strive to eliminate poverty and abuse
  • We believe all people have strengths
  • We work together to assist in removing barriers and finding solutions
  • We strive to meet the unique needs of each community, family, and individual
  • We commit to fairness and equality

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We believe all children have rights. The right to have enough healthy food to eat each day, to live in safe homes that are free from violence, to have access to medical and dental care. The right to basic needs such as adequate clothing, supplies for schools and personal hygiene and the right to be encouraged and empowered to achieve their dreams.

Whether your role is to inspire, mentor, teach, guide, coach, advise, serve, nurture or supervise, you have an impact on the lives of the children and families with whom you come in contact. From teachers to store owners, police officers to food service employees, we all have a responsibility to the children who live in our community: a responsibility to speak words of encouragement, a responsibility to model the kind of behavior we hope to see in them, and a responsibility to speak up when we have a concern about a child who is not able to speak for themselves.

Our vision is to be part of creating a responsible and caring community: Safe, Resilient, and Healthy. We can only reach that vision through collaboration.


When you get involved in the lives of Foster Children and Families, you do more than just contribute your time and talents. You make a lasting investment in the life of a child. You provide the opportunity for a child to feel important and valued.

As of 12/31/2016, there were 311 children in foster care in San Luis Obispo County and 67 children from San Luis Obispo County placed in foster care homes and facilities outside of the county.  Source: 2017 Foster Care Snapshot Report

For information on how you can help keep our children in our community and become a Resource Family, please call the Department of Social Services at (805) 781-1705 or attend a Resource Family Information Meeting (see calendar link).


When children come into foster care, they have often experienced some form of trauma. These children are in need of someone who will love them, support them, and keep them safe during the time that their own parents are unable to do so. The goal for Child Welfare Services, with the help and support of Resource Families, is to help families successfully reunify. When reunification is not possible, we seek families who can continue to provide a safe, nurturing, permanent home for these children. Click button below to download A Home for Every Child brochure.


Foster youth will be able to maintain a safety net of support while experiencing independence in a secure and supervised living environment. Extended time as provided in the “non-minor dependent’ status can assist youth in becoming better prepared for successful transition into adulthood and self-sufficiency through education and employment training opportunities. By participating in Extended Foster Care, you can continue to receive their monthly foster care payment, housing assistance, and case management.

Who can use this Resource?

  • Foster youth 18 to 21 years old.

At the six month hearing prior to youth’s 18th birthday, the social worker/probation officer must have a plan to ensure the youth meets at least ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Completing high school or equivalent program (e.g. GED); OR
  2. Enrolling in college, community college or a vocational education program; OR
  3. Employed at least 80 hours a month; OR
  4. Participating in a program designed to promote or remove barriers to employment; OR
  5. Unable to do one of the above requirements because of a medical condition.

To find you if you are eligible; call your assigned social worker. If you have already exited foster care and are interested in entering extended foster care, call our intake hotline at 805-781-5437 or expand the Resources menu item then click on Foster Youth.

Extended Foster Care services are free. Foster Youth in the program will receive payments, housing assistance, and case management.

Please call (805) 781-781-5437 or 805-781-1700 for more information.

Family Finding is a practice using a variety of methods and strategies to identify and engage relatives and other supportive adults, estranged from or unknown to children who have been removed from his or her parents and temporarily placed in foster care with San Luis Obispo County Department of Social Services.

The goals of Family Finding are to minimize the disruption and disconnection of the children from those they love and trust and to provide each child with the life-long connections that only a family can offer.

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More information coming soon!  In the meantime, please contact us utilizing the inquiry box or by phone at 805.781.1705



To make a report of suspected child abuse or neglect, call (805) 781-KIDS

Department of Social Services 3433 S. Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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