A & D FPL Aged & Disabled Federal Proverty Level Program 
A/B Applicant/Beneficiary 
AA Alcoholics Anonymous 
AA (I, II, III) Administrative Assistant 
AAA Area Agency on Aging 
AAM All About Me 
AAP Adoption Assistance Program 
AARP American Association of Retired Persons 
AB Assembly Bill 
AB12 Assembly Bill 12 – Extended Foster Care 
ABAWD Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents 
ABCD Asset Based Community Development 
ABCDM Aged, Blind, Children’s, Disabled, Medical (Program) 
ABD Aged, Blind and Disabled (Program) 
ABE Adult Basic Education 
AC Account Clerk 
ACA Affordable Care Act 
ACCT CLK Account Clerk 
ACCT TECH Accounting Technician 
ACE Aid to Children in Emergency 
ACF Administration for Children & Families 
ACH Automated Clearing House 
ACIN All County Information Notice 
ACL All County Letter 
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union 
ACS ACS State & Local Solutions (EBT Vendor) 
ACWDL All County Welfare Directors Letters 
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act 
ADM Agency Development Administrator 
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 
AEC Alien Eligibility Code 
AEOC Alternative Education Operations Committee 
AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children (now TANF) 
AFDC-FC Foster Care 
AIS Application Infra-Structure (CalWIN) 
ALJ Administrative Law Judge 
AOD Alcohol and Other Drugs 
AP Absent Parent 
APP Aid Paid Pending 
APPR Average Private Pay Rate 
APS Adult Protective Services 
APTC Advanced Premium Tax Credit 
AR Authorized Representative 
ART Administrative Review Team (formerly BRU) 
ASH Atascadero State Hospital 
ASM Administrative Services Manager 
ASO (I, II, III) Administrative Services Officer 
ASPC Adult Services Policy Council 
ATCC Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (Program) 
AU Assistance Unit 
AU-RSVP Assistance Unit-Regulation Simplification & Validation Project 
AVERT Avert Violence Emphatic Response Training 
AYC About Your Child 
BA Benefit Advocate 
BCCTP Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program 
BEER Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record 
BENDEX Beneficiary Data Exchange 
BENDS Business Environment Design Strategy (CalWIN) 
BHS Behavioral Health Services 
BI Benefit Issuance 
BIA Buerau of Indian Affairs 
BIC Benefits Identification Card 
BOM Beginning of Month (CalWIN process) 
BOS Board of Supervisors 
BRE Business Rules Engine 
BSP Behavior Support Plan 
CA Corrective Action 
CAAP California Alternative Assistance Program 
CAC California Administrative Code 
CACI Child Abuse Central Index 
CAIT Child Abuse Interview Team 
CalHEERS California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System  
CALM Crisis Assistance & Lifeskill Management 
CalSAHF California Safe and Healthy Families 
CalWIN CalWORKs Information Network 
CalWORKs California Work Opportunity/Responsibility to Kids 
CAM Children Affected by Methamphetamine 
CAO County Administrative Office(r) 
CAPI Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants 
CAPIT Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment 
CAPSLO Community Action Partnership of SLO County 
CARE Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act 
CARE/HIPP Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act of 1990 Health Insurance Premium Payment Program 
CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates 
CBO Community Based Organization 
CBT Community Based Team (SAFE) 
CCAT Central Coast Area Transit 
CCDBG Child Care & Development Block Grant 
CCFC California Children & Families Commission 
CCL Community Care Licensing 
CCP Covered California Plan 
CCR California Code of Regulations 
CCRC Child Care Resource Connection 
CCS California Children’s Services 
CCSAS California Child Support Automated Systems Project 
CCSD California Child Support Division 
CCWRO California Coalition of Welfare Rights Organizations 
CDA California Department of Aging 
CDA CalWIN Desktop Application 
CDB Central DataBase 
CDBG Community Development Block Grant 
CDC Centers for Disease Control 
CDC Child Development Center 
CDCR California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation 
CDDS California Department of Development Services 
CDHS California State Department of Health Survices 
CDS Case Data System 
CDSS California Department of Social Services 
CE Continued Eligibility 
CE Categorically Eligible (CalFresh) 
CEA CalWIN eLearning Application 
CEC Continuous Eligibility for Children 
CEC Council for Exceptional Children 
CETA California Education and Training Act 
CF CalFresh (formerly Food Stamp Program) 
CFAP California Food Assistance Program 
CFC Crisis Stabilization Foster Care 
CFET CalFresh Employment & Training Program 
CFO CalFresh Only (case) 
CFP Coordinated Family Plan (Linkages) 
CFQUADS CalFresh Questions & Answers 
CFR Code of Federal Regulations 
CGS Caregiver Specialist 
CHAT Child Abuse Treatment Program 
CHC (CC) Community Health Centers (of the Central Coast) 
CHDP Child Health & Disability Prevention (Program) 
CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program 
CHISLO Children’s Health Initiative of San Luis Obispo, Inc, 
CIN Client Index Number 
CIS County Information Server 
C-IV Consortium IV (SAWS) 
CJIS California Justice Information System 
CLETS California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System 
CM Case Manager 
CM Creative Mediation 
CM Change Management 
CMC California Men’s Colony 
CME Calendar Month End 
CMER Calendar Month End Report 
CMIPS Case Management, Information & Payrolling System 
CMRMIP California Major Risk Medical Insurance Board 
CMS Case Management System 
CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 
CMS Creative Mediation Services 
COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act 
COE County Office of Education 
COH Cash on Hand 
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment 
CP Custodial Parent (DCSS) 
CPS Child Protective Services 
CPC Community Partnership Committee (CSN) 
CPYP California Permanency for Youth Project 
CRC Children’s Research Center 
CRLA California Rural Legal Assistance 
CSA Community Service Aide 
CSA County Self Assessment 
CSC CalWIN Standard Correspondence (form, notice or letter) 
CSC Customer Service Center (ACA) 
CSEC Criminal Sexual Exploitation of Children 
CSF CalWIN Standard Form 
CSN Children’s Services Network 
CSN CalWIN Standard Notice 
CSOB Children’s Services Operations Bureau 
CSR Customer Service Request 
CSR Cost Sharing Reduction (ACA subsidies) 
CSRA Community Spouse Resource Allowance 
CSV Cash Surrender Value 
CT Caretracker 
CUTDA Commonly Used Terms, Definitions & Acronyms 
CVB Craig vs Bonta 
CWD County Welfare Department 
CWDA County Welfare Directors Association 
CWIN CalWIN Identification Number 
CWJC CalWIN Joint Committee 
CWS Child Welfare Services 
CWS/CMS Child Welfare Services/Case Management System 
CYA California Youth Authority 
CYC California Youth Connection 
D & A SPEC ( I, II, III, IV) Drug & Alcohol Specialist 
D & AS or D & A Drug & Alcohol Services 
DA District Attorney 
DA&A Drug Addiction & Alcoholism 
DAAS Department of Aging & Adult Services 
DAC Disabled Adult Child 
DAPD Disability & Adult Program Division 
DAS (I, II, III) Department Automation Specialist 
DBT Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 
DCF Disaster CalFresh 
DCSS Department of Child Support Services 
DDC Dependency Drug Court 
DEJ Deferred Entry of Judgment (Program) 
DER Determination of Eligibility Response (ACA) 
DDS Department of Developmental Services 
DDSD Disability Determination Services Division (Medi-Cal) 
DHCS Department of Health CareServices (formerly DHS) 
DHHS Department of Health & Human Services 
DI Dependency Investigations (formerly the CWS Court Unit) 
DIB Disability Insurance Benefit 
DM Direct Mailer 
DM Division Manager 
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles 
DO Disbursing Order 
DOB Date of Birth 
DOJ Department of Justice 
DPA Durable Power of Attorney 
DPAHC DPA for Health Care 
DPAP DPA for Property Management 
DPO (I, II) Deputy Probation Officer 
DR Differential Response (includes Path I, II, and III) 
DSS Department of Social Services 
DV Domestic Violence 
DW Disabled Widow(er) 
DWS Department Wide Services 
E2L(ite) Enterprise II Lite 
EA Emergency Assistance 
EAP Employee Assistance Program 
EAS Eligibility & Assistance Standards 
EBT Electronic Benefit Transfer 
EBT IND EBT Indicator 
ECHO El Camino Homeless Organization 
ECOSLO Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo 
EDBC Eligibility Determination & Benefit Calculation 
E/D Elderly/Disabled 
EDD Employment Development Department 
EDE Expedited Determination of Eligibility 
EDS Electronic Data Systems, Inc 
EFC Extended Foster Care 
EFS Enterprise Financial System 
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer (aka Direct Deposit) 
EGHP Employer Group Health Plan 
EI Early Intervention 
EIC Earned Income (Tax) Credit 
EIP Early Intervention Program 
EITC Earned Income Tax Credit 
EO Evaluate Out 
EOM End of Month (CalWIN process) 
EOPS Extended Opportunity Program & Services 
EPPIC Electronic Payment Processing and Information Control (EBT system) 
ER Emergency Response 
ERS (I, II, III, IV) Employment Resource Specialist 
ES Expedited Services (CalFresh) 
ES Employment Services 
ESC Emergency Shelter Care 
ESE Expanded Subsidized Employment 
ESL English as a Second Language 
ESP Economic Self-Sufficiency Partnership 
ESS Employment Services Supervisor 
ESS Employee Self Service (Timecards) 
EU Employee University 
EvK Edwards v Kizer 
F/F Face to Face 
F2F Family to Family Foster Care Initiative 
FA Family Advocate (SAFE) 
FA Food Assistance 
FAD Functions As Designed 
FAFSA Free Application For Federal Student Aid 
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions 
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation 
FBU Family Budget Unit 
FC Foster Care 
FCNI Family Care Network, Inc. 
FDC Felony Drug Conviction 
FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number 
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency 
FF Fleeing Felon 
FFA Foster Family Agency 
FFP Federal Financial Participation 
FFY Federal Fiscal Year 
FG Family Group 
FGC Family Group Conference 
FGDM Family Group Decision Making 
FH Fair Hearings 
FICA Federal Insurance Coverage Act 
FM Family Maintenance (CWS) 
FMA Family Member Allocation 
FNS Food & Nutrition Services 
FP Family Preservation (CWS) 
FPL Federal Poverty Level 
FPSP Family Preservation & Support Programs 
FR Family Reunification (CWS) 
FRC Family Resource Center 
FS Food Stamps 
FSNA Family Strengths & Needs Assessment 
FSO Family Support Officer (DCSS) 
FSO Food Stamps Only (case) 
FSP Food Stamp Program 
FSQUADS Food Stamp Questions & Answers 
FTB Franchise Tax Board 
FTC Family Treatment Court 
FTE Full Time Employee 
FTM Family Team Meeting 
FUA Family Unity Act 
FY Fiscal Year 
FYS Foster Youth Services 
GA General Assistance 
GED General Equivalency Degree 
GEN Generic 
GIS Geographical Information System 
HA Homeless Assistance 
HAP Homeless Assistance Payment 
HAPI Homeless Assistance Payment Indicator 
HASLO Housing Authority of SLO 
HCBS Home & Community Based Services 
HCPCFC Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care 
HCR Health Care Reform 
HEAP Home Energy Assistance Program 
HEP Health and Education Plan 
HH HouseHold 
HHS Department of Health & Human Services 
HHSDC Health & Human Services Data Center 
HIC Health Insurance Code 
HICAP Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program 
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act 
HIPP Health Insurance Premium Payment (Program) 
HMO Health Maintenance Organization 
HR Human Resources 
HS Healthy Start 
HSP Housing Support Program 
HTML Hypertext Mark-Up Language 
HUB Federal Data hub for ACA 
HUD Housing & Urban Development, US Department of 
HV Home Visit 
HvK Hunt vs Kizer (Medi-Cal) 
I & R Information and Referral 
IAP Interim Assistance Payment 
IAPC Inter-Agency Placement Committee 
IAR Interim Assistance Reimbursement 
IBS Individualized Behavioral Services 
ICAMA Interstate Compact on Adoption & Medical Assistance 
ICD Intensive Community Diversion (1913) 
ICF Intermediate Care Facilities 
ICPC Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 
ICST Integrated Children’s Services Team 
ICT Inter-County Transfer 
ICWA Indian Child Welfare Act 
IE Ineligible Persons 
IEP Individualized Educational Plan 
IEVS Income & Eligibility Verification System 
IFP Independently Funded Project 
IHC In-Home Counselor 
IHSS In Home Supportive Services 
IIK Income In-Kind 
ILP Independent Living Program 
ILSP Independent Living Skills Program 
IN Immediate Need 
INA Immigration & Nationality Act 
INS Immigration & Naturalization Service (now USCIS) 
IP Unit Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Unit 
IPSC Intra-Program Status Change 
IPT Inter-Program Status Change 
IPV Intentional Program Violation 
IPW Independents Plus Waiver 
IRA Individual Retirement Account 
IRCA Immigration Reform & Control Act 
IRP Issue Resolution Process (CSN) 
IRS Internal Revenue Service 
IRT Information Reporting Team 
IRT Income Reporting Threshold 
IRT Inter-agency Resource Team 
ISM In-Kind Support & Maintenance 
ISOC Integrated System of Care 
IASOC Inter-Agency System of Care 
IST Intensive Services Team (SAFE) 
IT Information Technology 
ITS Individual Tax Savings 
ITT Information Technology Team (DSS) 
IV-A Title IV-A of SSA (Welfare) 
IV-D Title IV-D of SSA (Child Support) 
JAD Joint Application Development 
JD Jurisfictional Disposition (hearing) 
JDM Juvenile Dependency Mediation 
JFI Just Fix It 
JJC Juvenile Justice Commission 
JJCC Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council 
JJSC Juvenile Justice Steering Committee 
JSC Juvenile Services Center 
JSO Juvenile Services Officer 
Kin-GAP Kinship Guardian Assistance Payment (Program) 
LAN Local Area Network 
LAO Legislative Analyst’s Office 
LC Legal Clerk 
LCSA Local Child Support Agency 
LEA Local Education Agency 
LEADER Los Angeles Eligibility, Automated Determination, Evaluation & Reporting System 
LMS Learning Management System (CalWIN) 
LMUSD Lucia Mar Unified School District 
LPR Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence 
LPR Legal Permanent Resident 
LTC Long Term Care 
LTM Life Team Meeting 
LUA Limited Utility Allowance 
MACB Medi-Cal Automated Case Budgeting 
MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income 
MAM Meeting Agenda Minutes 
MAP Maximum Aid Payment 
MBCW My Benefits CalWIN 
MBSAC Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care 
MBU Mini Budget Unit 
MC Medi-Cal 
MC Minor Consent (Medi-Cal) 
MCAP Medi-Cal Access Program (formerly AIM) 
MCCA Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act 
MCE Modified Categorical Eligibility 
MDT Multi-Disciplinary Team 
MEC Minimum Essential Coverage 
Medigap Medicare Supplemental Insurance 
MEDS Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System 
MFBU Medi-Cal Family Budget Unit 
MFG Maximum Family Grant 
MFT Marriage & Family Therapist 
MH Mental Health 
MI Medically Indigent 
MIA Medically Indigent Adult 
MISP Medically Indigent Services Program 
MMIS Medicaid Management Information System 
MMMNA Minimum Monthly Maintenance Need Allowance 
MN (O) Medically Needy (Only) 
MOE Maintenance of Effort 
MOU Memorandum of Understanding 
MPP Manual of Policies and Procedures 
MQ Minimum Qualifications 
MQT Medi-Cal Qualifying Trust 
MSG Multi-Agency Solutions Group (CSN) 
MSP Medicare Savings Program 
MSR Mid-Year Status Report 
MSR Medical Summary Report 
MSRT Medical/Social Review Team (Meeting) 
MST Management Support Team (SAFE) 
NA Narcotics Anonymous 
NA Not Applicable 
NOA Notice of Action 
NACF Non-Assistance CalFresh 
NAFS Non-Assistance Food Stamps 
NCC North County Connection 
NCP Non-Custodial Parent (DCSS) 
NCSA National & Community Service Act 
NHR New Hire Report 
NMD Non-Minor Dependent 
NNR Non-Needy Relative 
NOA Notice of Action 
NPP Notice of Privacy Practices 
NPS Non-Public School Setting 
NR Needy Relative 
NREFM Non-Related Extended Family Member 
NSDI Non-System Determined Issuance 
NSOC Non Share of Cost 
NWW New Ways to Work Initiative 
OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 
OC Organizational Effectiveness 
OCAP Office of Child Abuse Prevention (State) 
OCAT Online CalWORKs Appraisal Tool 
OFR Options for Recovery (CWS) 
OHA Organizational Health Assessment 
OHC Other Health Coverage 
OI Over Issuance 
OJT On-the-Job Training 
OLT HA Once in a Lifetime Homeless Assistance 
OLUM On-Line User Manual 
OP Over Payment 
OSHA Office of Safety & Health Administration 
PA Public Authority 
PA Public Assistance 
PACE Parenting Abused Children Effectively 
PACF Public Assistance CalFresh (case) 
PACT Planning, Access, Care & Treatment 
PAFS Public Assistance Food Stamps 
PAL Personnel Allocation List 
PAS Post-Aid Services 
PC Protective Custody 
PCA Personal Care Aide 
PCRS Participant Cross Reference System 
PCSP Personal Care Service Program 
PD Presumptive Disability 
PDF Portable Document Format (Adobe) 
PDSA Plan, Do, Study, Act 
PE Presumptive Eligibility 
PE Principal Earner 
PHA Public Health Agency 
PHF Psychiatric Health Facility 
PHN Public Health Nurse 
PHP Parents Helping Parents 
PIC Private Industry Council 
PIP Performance Improvement Plan 
PMV Presumed Maximum Value 
PO Probation Officer 
PO Purchase Order 
POE Proof of Eligibility 
POEG Perinatal Outpatient Extended Group 
POI Period of Ineligibility 
PP Permanency Planning 
PP Parent Project 
PPM Permancy Planning Mediation 
PPP Parent Partner Program 
PQCR Peer Quality Case Review 
PRJUSD Paso Robles Joint Unified School District 
PRS Program Review Specialist 
PRUCOL Permanently Residing Under Color of Law 
PRWORA Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 
PS Participant Services 
PSHH Peoples’ Self-Help Housing 
PSN Pregnancy Special Need 
PSP Permanent Shelter Program 
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
PV Parole (or Probation) Violation 
PVS Payment Verification System 
PWE Principal Wage Earner (also PE) 
PWO Pregnant Woman Only 
Q&A Questions & Answers 
QA Quality Assurance 
QDWI Qualified Disabled Working Individual Program 
QHP Quality Health Plan 
QI-1 Qualified Individual (Medicare) Program 
QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary 
QR Quarterly Reporting 
QWDI Qualified Working Disabled Individual 
R & R Rights & Responsibilities 
RAPSS Rental Assistance Program for Social Services 
RC Re-Certification 
RCA Refugee Cash Assistance 
RED Review / Evaluate / Determine 
RFA Resource Family Approval 
RFP Request for Proposals 
RIF Regional Incentive Fund 
RM Regional Manager 
RMA Refugee Medical Assistance 
RMP Restaurant Meals Program 
ROI Release Of Information 
RRP Refugee Resettlement Program 
RRR Redetermination Recertification & Review 
RSDI Retirement, Survivors Disability Insurance 
RV Reinvestigation 
SAAS Staff Automation & Administrative Support 
SAC (I, II) Senior Account Clerk 
SAC (I, II) Supervising Administrative Clerk (I, II) 
SACSS Statewide Automated Child Support System 
SAFE Services Affirming Family Empowerment 
SAFE SOC SAFE System of Care 
SAM System Administrator Manual 
SAP Systems, Applications and Products (in Data Processing) 
SAR Semi-Annual Report(ing) 
SARB Student Attendance Review Board 
SARP Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Center 
SART Suspected Abuse Response Team 
SAVE Sexual Assault Victim Education 
SAVE Systematic Alien Verification of Entitlement (Noncitizens) 
SAWS State Automated Welfare System 
SB Senate Bill 
SBRHA Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority 
SBSW School Based Social Worker 
SCAN Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect 
SCAR Suspected Child Abuse Report 
SCI Statewide Client Index 
SCI Specialized Care Increment 
SCORE Service Corps of Retired Executives 
SD Staff Development 
SDI State Disability Insurance 
SDM Structured Decision Making 
SDM Senior Division Manager 
SDM – CalWORKs Structured Decision Making (for ERS use) 
SDM – CWS Structured Decision Making (for SW use) 
SDS SAFE Data System 
SDX State Data Exchange (SSI) 
SE (I, II, III) Software Engineer 
SED Seriously Emotionally Disturbed 
SELPA Special Education Local Plan Area 
SEOP Supplemental Extended Opportunity Program 
SFIS Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System 
SFU Standard Filing Unit 
SFY State Fiscal Year 
SGA Substantial Gainful Activity 
SHOP Small Employer Health Options 
SILP Supervised Independent Living Placement 
SIP Systems Improvement Plan 
SIP Self Initiated Plan (Educational) 
SIS Satisfactory Immigration Status 
SIU Special Investigations Unit 
SLA Shared Living Agreement 
SLC Supervising Legal Clerk 
SLE Sober Living Environment 
SLMB Specific Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary 
SLO-CAP Child Abuse Prevention Council, San Luis Obispo 
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Agreed, Results Focused, Time Limited 
SMART Service Management Access and Resource Tracking (System) 
SME Subject Matter Expert 
SN Special Need 
SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
SOC Share of Cost 
SOD Supervisor on Duty 
SOF Statement of Facts 
SP-DAPD State Programs-Disability & Adult Program Division 
SQL Structured Query Language 
SR SE Senior Systems Engineer 
SSA Social Security Administration 
SSB Safely Surrendered Baby (Act) 
SSC Supplemental Child Care 
SSD Staff Support Division 
SSI Supplemental Security Income 
SSN Social Security Number 
SSP State Supplemental Payment 
SST Student Study Team 
STAP Specialized Training for Adoptive Parents 
STD Sexually Transmitted Disease 
STI Sexually Transmitted Infection 
STOP Supportive & Therapeutic Options Program 
SUA Standard Utility Allowance 
SUAS State Utility Assistance Subsidy 
SUP ACCT TECH Supervising Accounting Technician 
SUP DPO Supervising Deputy Probation Officer 
SV School Visit 
SW (I, II, III, IV) Social Worker 
SWS (I, II) Social Worker Supervisor 
T/C Telephone Call 
TAB Therapeutic Abortion 
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needs Families 
TAP Temporary Assistance Program 
TAPP Teen Academic Pregnancy & Parenting (Program) 
TAYFAP Transitional Aid Youth Financial Assistance Program 
TB Tuberculosis 
TBS Therapeutic Behavioral Services 
TCC Transitional Child Care 
TCF Transitional CalFresh Benefits 
TCRC Tri Counties Regional Center 
TCVAP Trafficking & Crime Victims Assistance Program 
TDI Temporary Disability Indemnity 
TDM Team Decision Making 
TFC Therapeutic Foster Care 
TFS Transitional Food Stamps 
THPP Transitional Housing Placement Program 
THP-Plus Transitional Housing Program 
THP-Plus FC Transitional Housing Program Foster Care 
TILCP Transitional Independent Living Case Plan 
TILP Transitional Independent Living Plan 
TLICP Targeted Low-Income Children’s Program 
TLP Transitional Living Program 
TMC Transitional Medi-Cal 
TOA Time on Aid 
TOC Table of Contents 
TOL Table of Links 
TPL Third Party Liability 
TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition 
TRAC Tracking Recipients Across California 
TRAD Temporary Resident Adjustment Date 
TRO Temporary Restraining Order 
TSP Temporary Shelter Payment (HAP) 
TTE Trustee 
TUA Telephone Utility Allowance 
TWC Temporary Worker Compensation 
UAM Unrelated Adult Male 
UAT User Acceptance Testing 
UEM Use Effective Month (CalWIN) 
UIB Unemployment Insurance Benefits 
UP Unemployed Parent 
USCIS United States Citizenship & Immigration Service 
USDA United States Department of Agriculture 
USPS United State Postal Service 
VA Veterans Administration/Affairs 
VACS Ventura Automated Collection System 
VASH Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing 
VLF Vehicle License Fee 
VLT Vendor Lead Training 
VTO Voluntary Time Off 
VTR Value of One-Third Reduction 
W & I Code, W&IC, WIC Welfare and Institutions Code (CA) 
WAN Wide Area Network 
WEX Work Experience 
WC Workman’s Compensation 
WCDS Welfare Client Data System 
WDTIP Welfare Data Tracking Implementation Project 
WIA Workforce Investment Act 
WIC Woman Infant and Children (Special Supplemental Food Program) 
WINS Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement 
WPR Work Participation Rate 
WTOA Welfare Time On Aid 
WTW Welfare to Work 
YTF Youth Task Force 
YTP Youth Treatment Program 
ZBG Zero Basic Grant