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QPI Topic of the Month; Evolution of a CWS Referral

Evolution of a CWS referral A referral is a suspected child abuse report (aka SCAR) which our agency investigates. Those who investigate these reports are Social Workers (SW). If a SW investigates a referral and determines that the abuse/neglect did occur, the referral will evolve into a case. Below is a general flow of how a referral might evolve into a [...]

QPI Topic of The Month- Reasonable Services and Reasonable Findings

REASONABLE EFFORTS  WHAT IS REASONABLE EFFORTS? I would first like to address the terms Reasonable Services and Reasonable Findings. Technically, or legally speaking, these terms refer to Reasonable Efforts. There are laws that require child welfare agencies to make reasonable efforts to provide services that will help families remedy the conditions [...]

QPI Topic of The Month- Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard (RPPS)

REASONABLE AND PRUDENT PARENT STANDARD THE DEFINITION OF RPPS “The standard characterized by careful and sensible parental decisions that maintain the child’s health, safety, and best interests. As defined by Welfare and Institutions Code W&IC 362.05. WHEN DOES RPPS APPLY? RPPS applies to caregivers when making decisions regarding the [...]

QPI Topic of the Month – Information Sharing and Confidentiality

INFORMATION SHARING AND CONFIDENTIALITY Sharing information about the youth in care is essential to preparing the caregiver to welcome the youth into their home. The Information that can be shared about the youth with the caregiver: Educational information Medical/dental and relevant mental health history – with the exception of youth’s [...]

Foster Care Support Beyond Age 18 (AB 12)

On October 7, 2008, President Bush signed into law the Fostering Connection to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act (H.R. 6393/P.L. 110-351).  This act will help hundreds of thousands of children and youth in foster care by promoting permanent families for them through relative guardianship and adoption and improving education and health care. [...]

New Health Care Plans

As of January 1st, 2014, new health care plans are available on the Affordable Care Act / Covered California website. For more information, use your web browser and pull up the Covered California website at or call toll-free 800-300-1506. See Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for new health care [...]
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